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Owner of SafeK9, Cathy



Owner/SafeK9 First Aid Instructor

qualifications & experience

  • Dogsafe Canine First Aid Certification, 2010
  • Dogsafe Canine First Aid Authorized Instructor Certification, 2011
  • Owned and Operated Keep Your Dog Safe – K9 First Aid & Bite Prevention, 2011-2018
  • Dog Trainer Walk into Excellence Conference, 2014
  • Animal Anatomy & Physiology Instructor Veterinary Hospital Assistant program, Centre for Arts and Technology, 2014
  • Dog Daycare Attendant Watson’s Hound Lounge, 2014
  • Pet Food Consultant, Bosley’s Pet Foods, 2013
  • Owner and Operator, SafeK9 Education & Dog Care Centre
  • Creator and Instructor, SafeK9 First Aid & SafeK9 Bite Prevention, 2019
Safe K9 First Aid Certified
Community Votes Simcoe County Awards 2022 Platinum Winner SafeK9
The Mirror Reader's Choice Diamond Winner 2022
The Mirror Reader's Choice Nominee 2021
Sniffspot private dog parks
PSI Pet Sitters International Member

I love dogs. While an elementary school teacher in British Columbia, I decided to become a dog guardian for the first time, and it changed my life forever! There’s no other soul like that of a dog. They are teachers of patience, living in the moment, and forgiving quickly. Dogs offer an unconditional love and bond like no other. 

I discovered dog daycare when I was working long hours as a teacher. I felt guilty leaving my dogs in a crate for 9 plus hours a day, and I was often too tired to give them the exercise they needed every night. So, I registered them for dog daycare 2 days a week at a kennel type boarding facility. It was there that I learned about Canine First Aid and decided to become certified. I felt empowered knowing that I had prepared myself to prevent and handle many k9 emergencies and illnesses. I needed first

aid training to teach kids, why not to save my dogs’ lives in an emergency? I loved the course so much I became a Dogsafe Authorized Instructor in 2011. I left the Dogsafe network in 2018 and have since created my own course SafeK9 First Aid!

Returning to my family roots in Ontario in 2018, I took the leap, followed my new found passion, and changed my career path. I found the perfect location for my vision, and expanded my SafeK9 First Aid business to include Kennel Free Dog Daycare, Bite Prevention Workshops, SK9 Essentials – EOs & Pets, Dock Diving, and host of Sniffspot – SafeK9 Private Dog Park & Trail.

I share my life with a young fawn Pug named Cardi, and an adult yellow Labrador named Silas. Both attend

daycare regularly and enjoy socializing and snugging with all of our dog guests! 

I look forward to loving and caring for your dogs as my own, and supporting you all in the care, health, and happiness of your beloved family members.


Congrats to Cathy from the College of integrated canine professionals
Chantel Mayer - Crew Supervisor



Crew Supervisor

My name is Chantel and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved and been around animals! My family started with a Shih Tzu named Lulu, which really opened my heart to dogs. After her passing, we eventually expanded our family to our current dogs, Sophie, Millie, and Buddy who have continued to fill my heart with the unconditional love they always give.

In the past few years, I went to school for office administration not exactly knowing what I wanted to do. That’s when I found a place called Ralphys Retreat Animal Sanctuary. There, I had the chance to volunteer and eventually work the summer program where my knowledge of various animal breeds grew, and helped me discover that I ultimately did want a career working with animals.

When the opportunity of working with dogs as a crew supervisor at SafeK9 was offered to me, I was eager to start, knowing it would be such an amazing opportunity. I truly am so excited to continue to meet and care for everyone’s furry friends!

Lindsay Stevenson - Crew Supervisor



Crew Supervisor

My entire life I have spent surrounded by dogs. My very first memory is of me as a toddler sitting in front of the Christmas tree. I was petting both our golden retriever and our german shepherd with me wedged in between. I met my heart dog Hannah, a little jack russell terrier, when I was 23 and fell head over heals in love with her. I was blessed to have my sweet Hannah by my side for 18 years. I share my life with my partner Tony and our 2 adorable blue heelers, Luna and Cassiopeia. They are my moon and stars! I joined the SafeK9 team to provide active supervision and individual enrichment sessions to the dog guests in our care. I am a mixed media artist and enjoy contributing to our specialized daycare program and events.



Certified Professional Dog Trainer


Animal obsessed since day one, I was fortunate enough to have parents who fostered my love of animals and taught me about animal husbandry and the responsibility of caring for a pet. Rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and fowl you name it. My father’s racing pigeon hobby also fueled my interest in the how’s and why’s of animal behavior.

Having four young dogs has provided countless opportunities to learn, teach and grow as a trainer. With four very different personalities, I have worked extensively with my own dogs on obedience, leash reactivity, barrier frustration and anxiety issues. Each member of my little pack teaches me something different about behaviour and training methods. I have attended classes, read all I could about behaviour and training, and took several courses offered at a local College in behaviour science. I am thrilled to be joining the already amazing team at SafeK9 to contribute to their Healthy Daily Canine Routine!

For information on various evening classes being held at SafeK9 Education & Dog Care Centre, or private dog training sessions…

Bettina Stebner - Crew Supervisor



Crew Supervisor

I grew up surrounded by cats and dogs, an occasional hamster, budgie, African dwarf frog, gerbil, and a fish. The love of and respect for animals was cultivated in me from a young age. I obtained my B.A. degree from University of Toronto in Sociology/Criminology, leading to a Teaching Degree from The Institute of Child Studies. I taught music in my private studio in Etobicoke until relocating in 2020 to Midland during Covid which altered my life course. I now once again find myself surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes and find this to be my greatest vocation.