SafeK9 First Aid Course

keep you and your beloved dog safe

(Groups of 6-12)

Cathy has taken pride in offering quality K9 First Aid training to dog lovers and professionals for over 10 years.  Join her for a fun and comprehensive day learning indispensable skills to keep you, and your beloved dogs safe until professional veterinary care is available.

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SafeK9 first aid table setup
SafeK9 pup in the snow
First aid dog training dummy

Topics included but not exclusive to are:

Gain the confidence to handle any K9 emergency or illness. Register today!

Min/Max Number of People: 6-12

Length/Duration: 8 hours

Cost: $165 + tax

Location: 585 Fuller Ave, Midland, Ontario L4R 5G3

*Additional charges may apply for travel and location rental if applicable.


To book your private group course contact Cathy via email at

SafeK9 First Aid Certified logo


Please follow the instructions to create and set up your new account and register for our SafeK9 First Aid Course. You should find Gingr user-friendly. Here’s how to sign up:

  1. To access our portal for reservations to our upcoming SafeK9 First Aid courses please access the link to our SafeK9 portal:
  2. Enter your email, create a password and click “sign up.”
  3. Enter all the required information and personalize your account for certificates and future communication regarding the classes. I will need to override ‘the missing documents for canine vaccines since they do not attend the class.
  4. Once vaccines are over-ridden – Under the menu on the left-hand side selects Retail & Packages, then scroll down and select Group Classes. You will find our upcoming classes under ‘Upcoming.’ Select the correct class and date you’d like to register for.